It's All About Me

It’s All About Me (IAAM) is an enhanced family-finding programme run by the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) of which PACT is a member.  Local Authorities refer children to PACT and we find the best family for them.

All children who are adopted need new families who can meet their needs but the IAAM programme recognises that there is a group of children for whom moving to a new family and then attaching to them may be especially difficult.  The programme recruits, prepares and assesses adopters but adds an enhanced element to the process through additional training and support. 

We are especially keen to hear from applicants who may be experienced parents already or who think they may have the ability to care for an older child usually over 4 years old, sibling groups, or younger children with complex background or needs via a programme that offers additional specialist support. 

Below you can see a little about Alan* aged three, who PACT are family finding for.


Alan is three years old. He is a lovely, happy baby and has a great personality. He enjoys close contact and cuddles and sleeps well at night. Alan is of solid build and has very fine light blonde hair and a large smile.

"Alan loves cuddles and would be happy to be cuddled all day. He is very endearing and loves playing 'peek a boo'."

See Alan's profile here.

*Alan's name has been changed to protect his identity

If you would like to find out more about Alan please contact

Download an IAAM information leaflet or visit the IAAM website

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For any questions about IAAM please contact us or telephone PACT’s Enquiry Officers on 0300 456 4800. Lines are open 10am-3pm Monday to Friday.