BB4K Groups

The BB4K children’s support groups run on a weekly basis for 10 weeks using arts and play therapy techniques to empower children, equipping them to express their feelings constructively. Groups are run by two or more trained facilitators. The sizes of the groups are kept to between six to eight children of similar ages.

The BB4K groups cover different topics designed to empower and facilitate the healing process of children:

  • Making connections
  • Breaking the silence
  • We have feelings too
  • Helping hands
  • Keeping ourselves safe
  • We are not to blame
  • Is it right to fight?
  • Understanding anger
  • Bag full of worries
  • I’m special

A group for Reading is running from January 2018 and a further group for Reading is planned for April 2018. 

We are also accepting referrals for  Recovery Toolkit groups for adults and young people (aged 11-14) due to start late February 2018.

We are not currently running any BB4K groups in Oxfordshire.  If you are seeking support for a family please contact your local LCSS who may be able to offer alternative support. If you are a family living in Oxfordshire please contact the MASH team - 0345 050 7666.
Refer a child to one of these courses and for information on future groups.