Domestic Adoption Placements

A report into PACT’s domestic adoption service measured the social return on investment of PACT’s adoption, fostering and FACTS services. The research concluded that the benefits from these services are measured conservatively at £1.1 million of social and economic impact from every couple approved which includes cost savings made from health care services.

Alana House

A report into PACT's Alana House measured the social return on investment of Alana House. The research concluded that the effects of Alana House are ‘life changing’. Evaluated conservatively, ‘over £35 million of economic and social value, in the lives of these women and their children, is brought every year.’

Annual Report and Financial Statement

Oxford Diocesan Council for Social Work Incorporated (now known as PACT) Summary Financial Information for the Year Ended 31st March 2016.

Achievements report

PACT’s Achievements report 16/17 outlining the key achievements across PACT.

Corston Report

The Corston Report examined the problems of female offending and made recommendations for reducing the risk of female offending and reoffending.